April 11: Demonstration & Die-In against Airbus and the militarisation of EU borders

Wednesday 11 April – 13:00 hrs. – Airbus’ shareholders meeting, Hotel Okura – Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, Amsterdam

Theatrical demonstration and die-in against Airbus and the militarisation of EU borders.
– Also a facebookevent

Migrants bear the brunt of the ongoing militarisation of the European borders. While Fortress Europe heightens its walls, refugees drown in the Mediterranean,
get stuck in dire circumstances or end up in detention and being deported. The military and security industry reaps the benefits of the racist border policies of the EU.

Airbus is the second largest European arms producer. It sells aircraft and missiles to countries at war, repressive regimes and human rights abusers. This way it fuels the reasons that force people to flee their homes. Airbus again profits by providing EU with border security equipment to stop refugees. It is a key player in the successful industrial lobby for the militarisation of Europe’s borders.

Airbus’ headquarters are in The Netherlands (Leiden). Every year they hold their Annual General Meeting for shareholders at the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam. They celebrate the rising numbers of their profitable deadly business but they fail to mention the rising number of deaths in the Mediterranean, Middle-East and Africa where their products are being used.
We take this opportunity to give Airbus a taste of the consequences of their actions. Bring a white sheet for the die-in part of the action.

Let Hotel Okura know they should cancel the reservation from Airbus!