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Marching for Freedom: documenting a struggle

In eleven days we, activists with and without papers, will stand at the border between Germany and France, near Strassbourg. We will have walked there from the German border city Kehl; destination of our journey will be Brussels. The majority of the people involved in the March do not have valid documents; people who do have been asked to leave them at home in solidarity. I will also leave my passport at home.

In eleven days we have started the March to Freedom, an international protest of migrants and supporters. We will walk some 450 kilometers in one month time, during which we will openly and illegally cross a national border four times, because we believe in and fight for the freedom of movement for everybody. We will show that we will not let ourselves be intimidated by the national borders, which have grown into powerful mechanisms of division and exclusion.

At this moment Europe is (still) a society of apartheid.

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Tear gas and water canon used on Afghan asylum seeker children and women in Belgium protest ..

On 8th September 2013 About 200 Afghan refugees occupied a former refugee center to protest the harsh asylum procedures of Maggie De Block. Most have worked and lived for many years in Belgium. Now their asylum is refused they are being sent back.

These Afghans are desperate. They have tried to build up a new live, working with an ‘orange card’ and doing language courses. Most of them speak fluently Dutch and/or French (the official languages in Belgium) and many have children that went to school here all their life. They want to say to Minister of Asylum Maggie de Block, and to the rest of Europe, that it just isn’t safe in Afghanistan, and that families with children should have the right to stay and live here.
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